It's More Than Just

What is AmeriFest? 

AmeriFest National Pageants is a faith-based pageant system that strives to connect and promote state festival, fair, and community service driven pageants from all over the country. We celebrate all forms of beauty as we showcase your service to your community. 

What is the style of modeling and interview? 

We celebrate natural beauty, and love showcasing gorgeous outfits in a fun, upbeat walking style on our stage. Please review the bottom of this page for walking pattern. Private interviews for girls ages 10 and up are conducted in 3 minutes with a panel of 3 judges, who will also judge the contestants on stage. 

Where is the 2023 AmeriFest National Pageant being held?  

Information to come :)

How can I compete?

There are 2 ways to qualify for the AmeriFest National Pageant! Contestants may qualify through a live pageant in their state. If there is not a live pageant in your state, please fill out an application to attend nationals with an appointed state title ("Find Your State" tab).

Who can compete?

We welcome natural born females of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and sizes! We want to show the world how you are More Than Just a beauty queen! We also welcome boys ages 0-12 to strut their stuff on our national stage!

How can I compete at nationals for FREE?

We have amazing opportunities to help you pay for your nationals fees in full! We will be drawing for a Wal-Mart gift card, so chances may be sold to family and friends up until pageant day and $1 for $1 go toward any fees or items you have marked. You must still send in a portion as a deposit by your deadline. Bring tickets cut up and filled out to the pageant.

What should I wear during nationals competition?

The Official 2023 Nationals Wardrobe Guide will be released soon! You will find this in the subcategory tab named "Wardrobe Guide" under the "2023 Info" tab.

Where do I send in my paperwork? 

Please mail all paperwork postmarked by June 15, 2023 to PO Box 114 Richmond, KY 40476.

What are the mandatory things I must send in by the June 15 deadline? 

Page 1 of paperwork filled out in full (We cannot accept any empty fields. Your paperwork will be invalid and will not be read aloud by the emcee or shown in the judge's interview).
Supreme Package Fee & any other categories you will compete in on pageant weekend found on page 2.
Photo for program book. 
7+ MUST pre-order the official Nationals Pageant tee, anyone else who wishes to purchase a tee must do it by the deadline. 

What does a Grand Supreme win? 

Grand Supreme Queens win official national crown & sash, medal, custom tote, Cook Studio photo shoot, $1,500 ($700 Mister) saving bond, and MUCH MORE! See more info under the subcategory tab named "Prize Packages" under the "2023 Info" tab. 

​​​I secured ads after the paperwork deadline. What do I do? 

Please mail all sponsorship forms postmarked by due date or submit online under the "Submissions & Payments" subcategory tab under the "2023 Info" tab. Please note that all ad submissions are non-returnable. We reserve the right to reject any ad we deem unsuitable for our audience. Ads submitted after the June 15 deadline may not appear in the program book.

How do I make a payment? 

Please make checks payable to AmeriFest LLC. Online payments are preferred. Please refer to the "2023 Info" page and click on the subcategory "Submissions & Payments".

How should I submit my photos? 

​Any photos submitted should have a press release in your possession. They should be unaltered photos (light touch ups allowed; no added teeth, lashes, etc. to photos). They may be up to 8x10 in color or black and white. Program Book, Cover Model, Centerfold, and Theme photos MUST be turned in by the June 15th deadline (by mail or online submission). Photogenic and Photo Supreme Photos MUST be turned in AT REGISTRATION with name and age division labeled on the back. No frames permitted.

What is the difference between an age division and an age session? 

Age division refers to the group the contestant will appear before the judges in group competition for side awards. A division queen and court will be crowned from this group (example: ages 13 will have a queen and court, age 14 will have a queen and court, and age 15 will have a queen and court). Age session refers to the entire group of contestants from which the Grand Supreme queen and court will be crowned (example: 1 overall Grand Supreme, Mini Supreme, etc. will be crowned in the age session of ages 13-15, in addition to the division queens). 

What is Supreme Row? 

Supreme Row is the highest composite scores in each age session: Grand Supreme, Mini Supreme, Novice Supreme, Beauty Supreme, Personality Supreme, and Photo Supreme. AmeriFest LLC reserves the right to combine and/or split age divisions and/or sessions.

Will I receive a scoresheet after the pageant? 

Scoresheets should be emailed to the contestants within 14 days of the pageant.

Where do I book a hotel with the special pageant rate? 

Please review the subcategory tab named "Host Hotel" under the tab "2023 Info" for more information. Please book as soon as possible; rooms fill quickly!

​​​​DISCLOSURE:Any contestant entering AmeriFest National Pageant and all associated competitions adhere to the following disclosure. Judges decisions are final. Any title may be relinquished if the national office concludes that a contestant has abused, misused or misrepresented AmeriFest or State Festival Associations. Grounds for termination include, but are not limited to: seen drinking or doing drugs in their title sash, in clubs or other facilities where it is not viewed in a positive light or sets a good example, seen on social media with nudity or profanity. All contestants and winners must hold themselves to a high moral standard and set an example for the younger contestants and represent their title with class and dignity. If the Grand Supreme National Titleholder were to win another title during their reign that permitted them from representing AmeriFest or their respective state title, the title and all responsibilities and appearances, including the crowning of her successor and scholarship/savings bond prizes, will be handed down to the next highest score behind her beginning with the Mini Supreme. We do not prohibit contestants from competing in other pageants during their reign, however if the AmeriFest titleholder were to win another title or have another obligation that prohibits him/her from carrying out his/her duties, then grounds for termination will apply. If any Preteen, Teen, or Miss winner becomes pregnant during her reign, all titles and responsibilities would be handed down to the Mini Supreme, and so on. This does not apply to Ms., Mrs., or Modern Woman divisions. We reserve the right to combine age divisions as we see fit to accommodate participation of any contestant or if there are any divisions with one single contestant.