It's More Than Just


Compete at AmeriFest Nationals 2019!

There are two ways you can qualify to attend AmeriFest Nationals:

1. Qualify through a live pageant in your state.

2.  If there is not a live pageant in your state, fill out an application to attend nationals with an appointed state title. 

At-Large State Appointed Title fee only $100. This includes state monogrammed sash, custom sash pin, gorgeous round crown, national optionals discounts & press release.

At-Large State SUPREME Title fee only $400. Includes supreme rhinestone monogrammed sash, supreme crown, national optionals discounts, national tote bag, and your $295 National Fee PAID!


    After approval you have a limited time to claim your state title . State titles are available for girls Birth to Mrs. and Modern Woman and Boys 0-12 Years in MOST states. Click your state below to sign up!